“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Corporate Social Responsibility

Drona Welfare believes that Corporate Organizations can play an important role in breaking the cycle of Poverty, Protecting and Improving the Environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained new dimensions in the recent years. There are five main dimensions of corporate strategy necessary for company success, that are; Centrality, Specificity, Proclivity, Visibility and Voluntarism. Thus different dimensions may lead to various benefits to the company but visibility of the company in Philanthropic contributions and Environmental management can yield substantial business related benefits to the company which will be assessed by CSR activities of the company. As a result, Employees and Customers attract more to companies that has strong CSR programs to help create the Good Society.

Whether you’re a Multinational or a Small local business, we’re happy to discuss ways how your Company or Organization can partner with Drona Welfare, Contact at: dronarajasthan@gmail.com . Drona Welfare also provides various ways through which your company or firm can work in partnership with us to create a lasting Impact on Education, Health, Differently Abled Persons, and Environment.

Support Our New Project

Organizations and Companies can partner with Drona Welfare to support Drona Welfare Along with Organizations or Companies mission. Together we can create and coordinate a new project or campaign that can help reduce poverty and improve Environment, which will support your Business’s brand and interests and will improve your Business reputation and Ranking. Drona Welfare gives priority to the interests of the people and the partners.

Support a part project

Commercial organizations or Companies can partner with Drona Welfare to support a part of our Education, Special Education, Humanitarian relief or Environment improvement program. Your company can provide support to our Independent project or Organization partnership project. There is no minimum contribution required.

At the end of the project we write and Distribute Evaluation report to our National and International Partners and Member.

CSR Impact Model

Please see below CSR impact model gives a good summary of the benefits achieved from engaging in CSR.