“Your success is not measured in terms of what all you obtained but in term of what you become, how you live and what actions you do”.
– Swami Vivekananda


The General Guidelines for the Governance are spelled out in the (Constitution) of the Organization. The Organizational Structure Directing and Supervising the Drona Welfare Consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Developmental and Technical Advisor, Executive Committee, Management Committee, Supporting Staff, Project Staff, and Volunteers of the Organization.

Members of Society

Drona Educational and Welfare Society (Drona Welfare) is Registered under the Rajasthan Societies Act 1958 and Governed by the Members of Society. Drona Welfare President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are the Supreme Body of Drona Welfare who are elected by other Society Members and whose function is to determine the Policy and Program of the Organization to carry out its Mission. Currently, The Drona Welfare Board of Members is presided over by seven elected Members. These Intellectuals are elected by Members in the General Meeting.

General Body

General body is a Group of Qualified Individuals which acts for and Represent the Organization in all matters and execute the policy and Decisions of Society members. Furthermore, the major functions of the General Body are to Consider, Prepare and Approve the Annual Budget and Audited accounts of the Organization and to create linkages with Donors, Financial Institutions and to review the performance of the Organization. Currently the General body consists of fifteen members.

Drona Educational and Welfare Society members consists of Distinguished Individuals selected from Numerous Disciplines including Community Development, Engineering, Economics, Finance, law, Computing, Technology, Business, Industry, Social Sciences, Media, Education, Social Welfare, Health and Medicine.

Secretary Of The Organization

Secretary is Responsible for the overall Coordination and Management of Organization’s Activities.

Developmental And Technical Advisors

Development and Technical Advisors are recruited among persons having Experience from Education, Special Education, Health, Finance, law, Social Welfare and Medicine. They have Skills leading Patiently and Faithful to the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Organization (Drona Welfare) skillful in making Analysis, Interpretation and Presenting view points to Safe and Protect the Human rights, and Environment, as well as having Seniority of working with International/National Non-Governmental Organizations at least for over 7 years.

Management Committee

Management Committee is a group of Members which has to understand the actions of the Organization and Implement the Plans and Instructions, already examined and Discussed with the Members of Society, and Operated under the Supervision of the Secretary.

Composition Of The Management Committee 

1. President of the Organization
2. Vice- President of the Organization
3. Secretary of the Organization
4. Treasurer
5. Society Members
6. Supporting Staff