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Our Vision

Drona Welfare help defend the Rights of the most Vulnerable segments of Society through our Legal services and Human rights awareness program that empowers the poor to protect themselves from Discrimination and Exploitation. The program’s primary components give Legal and Human rights awareness Education while offering legal services through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to Poor Communities. We provide legal aid to the poor through Legal Aid Advisors in Collaboration with other NGOs working towards Legal Empowerment for the poor. These Legal Aid Advisors give legal Advice and Assistance, such as access to Lawyers, Helping to resolve conflicts through either ADR or the formal legal system. We also act as a Social catalyst, activating people’s awareness of their Rights. The program informs communities through classes on Human rights and the Legal system, various workshops with local Community leaders, and Human rights implementation meetings.

Human Rights & Legal Aid Services Mission

  • Legal Empowerment and Capacity Building
  • Community Rights Awareness & Legal Literacy