“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Health Care

Health is an Essential Component at Drona Welfare as we are aware of the people’s Health and Safety. We provide Health care to Rural and low income areas by Raising Awareness, Capacity building and Service delivery. Drona Welfare’s Healthcare area also provides training along with Providing Medication, Health and Hygiene training. We are also committed to spreading awareness and working closely with Differently Abled Persons helping them through care, Training and Support under the Guidance of Special Educators qualified by Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

Primary Health

  • Free Medical and Eye Camps
  • Vaccination Camps
  • Health Education
  • Awareness Camp with Local Logistics

Secondary Health

  • Mobile Hospitals
  • Providing Services to Clinics and Hospitals
  • Distributing Medicine, Medical Supplies, and Medical Equipment
  • Providing Services for Health Insurance Schemes and Plans

Free Medical Camp

Free Medical Health Camps and Vaccination Campaign is one such Major Programme of Drona Welfare to Provide Healthcare Facilities and Vaccination to meet the Immediate care needs of the under Privileged and Marginalized population in Rural areas. We have been conducting General Health Camps and Customized Health camps in Regular intervals. These camps are generally run by the qualified Doctors and Health workers. In these camps we are offering Comprehensive free Health care services, curative, preventive, and referral to a large number of people every year in selected intervention areas. We have been Organizing Vaccination campaign in rural areas throughout Barmer District to safeguard poor Vulnerable Communities. Especially Women and Children against the Infectious and fatal diseases, Medical tests of poor patients are conducted in the camp and the reports of tests are provided immediately within the duration of the camp. Consultancy and various Immunization Vaccines, treatment including Medicines and all the tests in Drona Welfare medical camps are provided free of cost.

Last Year Impact’s

Approximately 500 Patients benefitted at free medical camps and awareness Material are provided to local patients. Women amounted to 60 % of total Beneficiaries.

Hearing Aid Programme

Drona Educational and Welfare Society (Drona Welfare) is Supporting low income families, Children’s and people with Disability who have a Hearing loss. Drona Welfare in Collaboration with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is providing High quality free Hearing aids. The purpose of the Hearing aid Programme is to provide free Hearing Aid to Adults and Children from low income Families and Individuals with Disabilities.

Last Year Impact’s

Total 80 beneficiaries were Benefitted at free Hearing Aid Programme.